Claysam Homes is proud to offer home buyers The Holmes Approved Homes Program.

We have 3 upgrade inspection packages available:

Tier 1 - The Holmes Stage Inspection Package

Tier 2 - The Holmes Upgrade Package

Tier 3 - The Complete Holmes Package

These inspections will be perfomred by a certified Mike Holmes inspector ensuring your new home is safe, protected and built right!

With a Claysam home, you can have it all!

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Inspections Done Right

Mike Holmes and Sam Scicluna, President of Claysam Homes talk about The Holmes Inspection Program. Watch the video to learn more and see how Claysam Homes is making sure your home is built right, every step of the way.


3 Inspection Packages For You to Choose From.

Included With Every Home:
Full inspections completed by an Approved Mike Holmes Inspector during key stages of construction. Rest assured knowing your new home is built right!
3 stage inspections
Inspection summary binder
Thermal imaging scan
Photo documentation
Upgrade Level 1:
Featuring an additional stage inspection and supplementary construction features. This means healthier living environments, a more resilient structure and energy efficiency.
Better indoor air quality
Safer & healthier products
Mould, moisture & fire resistance
Increased mould, moisture & fire resistance
Better indoor air quality
Upgrade Level 2:
A new standard of excellence bringing homes to the next level. Ensuring workmanship, top quality products and best building practices for a home that is healthy and energy-efficient.
High indoor air quality
Top building products
Maximum mould, moisture fire resistance
Reinforced structure
Increased energy efficiency
Top systems performance
Lifetime warranties
Superior insulation & soundproofing